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Ebook Creation for ipads, iphones, Kindle and Other Portable Devices

Creating ebooks with InDesign CS6, a Presentation at Austin Adobe User Group

Watch a recording of “Producing EPubs with Adobe Indesign.”

Ebooks now outsell print books. With InDesign CS6 it is easy to produce outstanding quality .epub and .mobi files for distribution over ipads, iphones, Kindle and other portable devices. Karen Kreps and Pam Knight demonstrated to the Austin Adobe Users Group the importance of proper formatting of an InDesign book for exporting to these formats. They also discussed the process of bringing a book to market.

Pam Knight, publisher for Plain View Press (1976) and founder of Isis Interactive (1993), is a producer and content developer who has used Adobe products for many years.

Karen Kreps of Net Ingenuity is a long-time member of the Austin Adobe Users Group, an online content developer since 1987 who uses WordPress and Adobe products and is  proud to now be working with Plain View Press.

2012 Accessible Internet Rally – Net Ingenuity’s Team EZXS_ibility Wins Regional Award

Accessible Websites

OpenAIR award for EZXS_ibility work on HaShem's House.

Net Ingenuity competed in the 2012 AIR Rally ( Our team, “EZXS-ibility,” WON Third Place–in the ADVANCED category, which means we’ll be moving on to compete in the International AIR competition. Awards will be announced at SXSW Interactive Festival, on March 11. The Accessibility Internet Rally is a web design competition that increases awareness of the tools and techniques that make the Internet accessible to everyone – including people with disabilities.

Our site for the competition,, is built in WordPress. Since the site for the competition was frozen from development after the competition closed, it is hidden from users with “maintenance mode.” A mirror site was built to provide a live Web presence for the synagogue. See  To test the accessibility of the site, two teammates and I (each in in our own home offices around Austin) tested our site with a woman who has been blind since birth. Without buying premium software, we got her to remotely share her screen with us (one on one via Skype and then one to many with and we watched as she listened to a voice reader explore our site at speeds faster than we could comprehend. She translated what she heard and we noted when she could find all the content and when she had difficulty navigating controls for video, audio and forms. None of us had ever done anything like that and we surprised ourselves with how well it went and how much we learned.

Karen Kreps and Carey Falk show their AIR competition regional award for Third Place in the Advanced Category.

There’s exciting news in the field of making websites fully accessible to people with disabilities. At the October Austin WP Meetup, we heard,

WAI-ARIA, the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite, defines a way to make Web content and Web applications more accessible to people with disabilities. It especially helps with dynamic content and advanced user interface controls developed with Ajax, HTML, JavaScript, and related technologies.

Learn more on Knowbility,

Cyborg Anthropology: A Short Introduction

A fascinating hour-long web cast is now archived where everyone can see it. It’s about cyborg anthropology, a way of understanding how we live as techno-socially connected citizens in the modern era.

It is presented by Amber Case, a Cyborg Anthropologist and User Experience Designer from Portland, Oregon. She studies the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way cultures think, act, and understand their worlds.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Austin – Technology for Ridesharing

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Austin is an article I wrote and published in the July/August 2010  issue of the Austin Sierran, the newsletter of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club.

I had the opportunity to show an advanced copy to a principal of Gowalla, an Austin start up mentioned in the article, and he proposed that we powwow to discuss how his company’s technology could be used to find a transportation solutions.

And recently, I found out that CapMetro is partnering with And in Paris, an electric vehicle-sharing system for 3000 cars will be in effect by September.

It’s happening.  Download The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Austin to learn more.