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Sample Projects


Andersen Ceramics ~
An independent designer of custom tiles wanted his old site, which had been built with Dreamweaver and which he could not edit, rebuilt in WordPress so he could update it himself. Net Ingenuity created a custom template, site architecture, copy editing, and installation of WordPress plugins for Search Engine Optimization and the display of the hundreds of unique designs, layouts and color options for his products. A couple of hours of training via remote desktop sharing and telephone, provided the client the training necessary to manage the site himself. Almost all the content was put on the site by the tile designer, and he maintains total control over the many galleries that display photos and details about his products.

“Thank You Karen, I have been getting compliments on the new site, you deserve a lot of the credit for that. Do a Google images search for “high relief backsplash tile” and see how I dominate this category. Thanks for all your good work.” — Neal Andersen, Andersen Ceramics

Scheinberg & Associates, PC ~
A law firm specializing in patent law needed an online presence with information about services and partners. The theme was created with HeadwayThemes and includes a custom logo and a slider on the home page.

Tom Herod Films ~
Tom Herod Films is a video and film production company in Austin, Texas devoted to telling your story. Site includes video galleries in a responsive WordPress theme created with HeadwayThemes. The client built the site after attending a talk by Karen Kreps and then received one-on-one coaching to refine the site architecture and functionality.

John Burns Legal ~
The Law Offices of John Burns is a boutique law firm with the experience to handle a wide range of legal issues often faced by businesses today. The site contains an event calendar, blog and online payment system. The custom theme reflects the look and feel of its sister site, Texas Biotech Law.

Texas Biotech Law ~
A central information repository about legal issues pertaining to the biotechnology industry in the State of Texas. The current information of interest to the local life sciences community includes an event calendar and resources listings.

Lynn Somerstein Psychotherapy and Yoga ~
A NYC therapist in private practice, the director of the Institute for Expressive Analysis, a Yoga teacher, a writer and editor uses this WordPress site to blog, announce upcoming events, display her artwork, promote her publications and speaking engagements, explain her practice, schedule appointments and accept payment in advance.

Massage Hideaway ~
The custom theme for this WordPress site conveys the natural environment of this unique country spa and the personality of the proprietor. It enables secure payment online and provides a convenient client intake form.

Bliss Properties ~
A family with real estate holdings in the Valley is selling its property. Net Ingenuity created custom maps and a custom, menu-less site to provide details about each property and make it easy for prospective investors to contact the owners.

New India Cuisine ~
A small, independently owned ethnic restaurant opened in Austin in January 2010. Karen Kreps happened to dine in this almost empty restaurant on its opening day. She asked if they needed a website. They did and she built this WordPress-based brochure site with original copy and a custom theme in one week and helped with local business listings–and three weeks later the restaurant had 100 customers in one night, ran out of food and had to close early.

Pendére, Inc ~
Pendére is a woman-owned business formed in 1993 to provide IT strategy, consulting, and training  services to Fortune 1000 companies and the federal government. Users can select multiple white papers to download after they complete a simple form.

BP Heating and Air ~
Created a web presence for an Austin contractor. We wrote the copy for his website, set up a highly optimized WordPress site, wrote the copy, designed a custom theme and taught the client how to use the WordPress back end independent of Net Ingenuity.

Mexican Masterpieces ~
Created an original, one-of-a-kind WordPress theme for a site that sells one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Mexican artifacts. We rewrote the copy of an earlier version of the site, moved the OSCommerce store to a new server and replaced a Flash front end (which was invisible to search engines) with a highly optimized WordPress site.

After 2012, The Movie ~
Masala Film Works, a full service production and independent distribution company that has produced, marketed and distributed more than 40 films and television projects for markets across Africa and Europe, contracted Net Ingenuity to produce their WordPress website with a custom theme to raise funds for their upcoming production.

Pacific Coast Manufacturing Consultants ~
Worked with clients 2000 miles away via email, phone and remote desktop sharing to edit copy and produce a business brochure site for a Canadian consultancy. Site is coded in PHP with XHTML and CSS, no Javascript, and includes Flash video, pop-out menus and disjointed rollovers that display hidden text.

Innovation Matters ~
Co-wrote, edited, produced and marketed a semi-monthly e-newsletter, available through subscription. It provided up-to-the-minute news from around the world covering the creation, development, uses and transfer of innovation. Innovators, managers, entrepreneurs, attorneys, consultants, accountants, investors—anyone who wanted to know about the technology commercialization industry read InnovationMatters.

“Karen Kreps has been providing editorial services to our electronic newsletter, which is distributed twice monthly to an international subscriber base, for more than a year. She is an excellent writer and editor whose work has substantially improved the editorial content of the publication. She is vigilant about detail; at the same time, she also sees the big picture, looking beyond the specific to understand the whole. She always meets deadlines and is highly responsive.”—Norman Kaderlan, Editor

Savannah Medical Clinic ~
A site for a private medical office in Georgia that offers abortion services. The site provides a summary of services and frequently asked questions about the clinic. When the site originally launched in 2001, the client did not have regular Web access or want email, so the whole site was developed long distance via phone and fax, with a final review on the Web before it went live. The site is mirrored in its entirety in Spanish. In 2010, the client requested that the site be optimized for Search Engine Optimization. Net Ingenuity rebuilt the bilingual site in WordPress, helped with Local Business listings on Google, Yelp! and Bing!

Kid Me Not ~
This site promotes sales of a book, an anthology of essays by women who came of age in the sixties, and who now are in their sixties, who share personal stories of how, by choice or by default, they remained child free.

Beacon’s Glow ~
E-commerce retail site selling more than 1000 collectible dolls, teddy bears, candles and gift accessories. User can find competitively products organized by vendors, seasonal gifts, montl specials or search engine. Site includes wishlist, shopping cart, secure online payment, Flash animation, and optional background audio. Adminstrator can enter product information, pictures, add vendors, create new product lines, specify seasonal gifts and monthly specials through Web-based administrative tools.

“Without the continuous effort Karen put forth in working towards the development and completion of my site, my dream of opening an e-commerce collectibles business would never have come to fruition during my requested time frame.  Karen’s excellent attention to detail and immediate responses to my inquiries were superb.  Her suggestions were very much welcomed, and truly added enormous value to the appearance and flow of the site.  I am confident that the site she created for me is distinctive from many others, and has added functionality that is not seen on most other collectible sites.  I would certainly keep Karen in mind for future projects should the opportunity arise.”— Brenda Mize, Owner

Education and Community

OpenAIR award for EZXS_ibility work on HaShem's House.Hashem’s House ~
A Central Texas synagogue needed a site rebuilt so the rabbi could blog and update the site herself an so she applied to have the site built as part of the Accessible Internet Rally (AIR) competition 2012,  sponsored by Knowbility (see ), which pairs not-for-profit organizations with developers to build their sites so they can be read by people with disabilities. Net Ingenuity joined the “EZXS_ibility” team and we won an award in the regional competition (third place in the ADVANCED category), which means we’ll go on to a second round of competition. Winners will be announced at the AIR International/Dewey Winburne Awards Ceremony on March 11, as part of SXSW Interactive 2013. The site is optimized for people with color blindness includes video (with captioning for the deaf) and audio files (with transcripts) and can be thoroughly navigated by unsighted and mobility-impaired users.


Integral Yoga Magazine~
More than seven hundred in-depth and authoritatively written articles and video recording by some of the world’s most renowned teachers of Yoga are easy to find on the site for a Yoga magazine that has been published for over 40 years and had been very diffult to update. The project was partially built in Joomla when Net Ingenuity was asked to take it over. We advised the client to switch to WordPress  and developed the vastly expanded site using the HeadwayThemes framework. It includes a secure e-commerce shopping cart.

Trust Austin ~
Austinites for Geographic Representation formed a Political Action Committee whose purposes are to advance geographic representation in general and to make the Citizens Districting 10-1 plan into law. They worked with Net Ingenuity to create a website where people could learn about the issues, contribute, volunteer and sign petitions. The campaign was successful and the 10-1 plan was approved in the November 2012 election. Net Ingenuity trained the client to update and manage the content independently.

“Karen has been, and continues to be, both a web designer and advisor for our web site – I greatly appreciate her willingness to spend time with me to improve my skills and allow me to do more on the site myself. All the while knowing she’s “behind” me to help when I get lost or need direction. “—Otto Bert

ChangeAustin ~
A grass-roots organization dedicated to bringing ordinary voters of all persuasions and Austin’s local businesses to City Hall to demand fiscal restraint, open government, and that growth should pay for itself, wanted to convert their old Website to WordPress to increase Search Engine Optimization and to facilitate easy updating. Net Ingenuity created a custom theme that perpetuated the group’s online identity and provided WordPress coaching so they can keep the site content robust.

Great assistance with WordPress! Karen has been extremely helpful in developing our blog. She is super organized, and ready available to help. We appreciate her ability to get the answers we need quickly and her follow through. And she is a great person who cares about Austin! —L Curtis

John Dominis, Photographer ~
A long-time client of Net Ingenuity ( asked me to hurriedly create a site for her partner, while he was in the hospital in ICU, so he could receive and record well wishes from his friends. He is a legendary photographer who worked for LIFE, Sports Illustrated and People magazines during their heydays. We found and linked to many tributes and galleries with his amazing work. And the personal notes from accomplished photo journalists and others that are coming in the guest book are very inspiring.

Cost of Growth~
Central Texas has experienced unprecedented growth and development, creating a need for expanding, improving and acquiring infrastructure to accommodate the needs of current and future residents. When evaluating these projects, public officials need to look at the long-term impact of growth and development and to what extent growth pays for itself. Is there a breaking point at which growth isn’t worth the cost? This site is dedicated to transparency about where the public’s tax dollars are going in Texas and who’s paying for growth. The site is built in WordPress with a custom theme created by Net Ingenuity.

“Thank you for working so diligently and pushing all the extra effort to get us up online.  It made a real difference to my work load that I didn’t have to make a zillion copies or email files to a dozen others.” —Brian Rodgers, Tax reform activist

Integral Yoga Teachers Assn ~
Redesign of the website for the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, featuring up-to-date information on Integral Yoga Academy Programs for teachers and health-care professionals. A searchable online directory of Integral Yoga Teachers makes it easy for the public to find out about teachers and the classes they offer. Member teachers can  log into  to upload a small photo of and add a short bio, which will appear next to their listing.  A Members Only section makes it simple for members to renew your membership, purchase and renew low-cost liability insurance (US members only), and to update personal information on the IYTA database. It also gives members exclusive access to the Teachers Notebook and PDF copies of IYTA Newsletters, from the most current to the year 2000–a wealth of information about how to improve the teachers’ practice. The private Members Only pages also offer details about how to obtain many discounts on workshops, teacher trainings, guest stays and merchandise. Visit the site for a Quote of the Day and to even see the weather in Yogaville. Over time, the site will grow to include more downloadable assets as well as interactive features designed to make one’s teaching successful, and it will grow to fit members’ teaching needs in the Twenty-first Century.

Wouldn’t use anyone else. I can’t speak highly enough about Karen Kreps and Net Ingenuity. She has brought a high level of expertise and knowledge to a complicated web project of ours and has, time and again, found practical, creative solutions to difficult problems. I have yet to see someone match her dedication or her reliability. She would be the first one I would call for any web project. James Watkins – Director, Integral Yoga Teachers Association

Living Yoga ~
Site to promote and sell a documentary film about the birth of the modern Yoga movement and its impact on the world. Includes video trailers, ecommerce, press kit, slideshow, and WordPress blog. Layout built with CSS-P. Net Ingenuity managed publicity for launch of film.

A shrine dedicated to the Light of all faiths and to world peace, was built in central Virginia by H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda, and opened on July 20, 1986. In honor of the 20th anniversary in 2006, the LOTUS is brought to a global audience via the Internet. The message of the LOTUS has never been timelier and is truly the need of the hour.

“More people have died in the name of God and religion than in all the wars and natural calamities. But, the real purpose of any religion is to educate us about our spiritual unity. It is time for us to recognize that there is one truth and many approaches. The basic cause for all the world problems is the lack of understanding of our spiritual unity. The need of the hour is to know, respect, love one another and to live as one global family. Our humble aim in building the LOTUS is to spread this message.” —H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda

Enjoy exploring the information on the philosophy behind the LOTUS and the importance of interfaith cooperation in our world today. Please share the site with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, clergy, community leaders and all, through the virtual tour, slide shows, video clips and the extensive information found herein.

“Thank you for the amazingly thorough, informative, creative, easy to use, and beautiful to behold LOTUS website. It will awaken souls to the One Truth, helping to bring understanding and harmony to the planet.”—Swami Asokananda, President of Satchidananda Ashram

Girl Jockey: Wantha Davis ~
A site honoring the life and career of Wantha Davis, pioneer female jockey. She won a thousand races before women were licensed to race. It includes biographical information, video of an archival newsreel and photo album.

H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda ~
His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Integral Yoga,® was one of the most revered Yoga masters of our time. Regarded by many as an apostle of peace, Sri Gurudev serves as a living example of the teachings of Yoga and its goal of Self-Realization. This site celebrates his life, service, and teachings. It includes Flash animation, Flash audio, Javascript Popup menus, and more.

“Net Ingenuity could not have been easier to work with. The developer was extremely respectful of my vision, at the same time carefully guiding the project with sensitivity and professionalism.”—Rev. Prem Anjali

Dell’s Know the Net
Wrote copy for Dell’s site for introducing the Net to kids, parents, and teachers. The site was designed and produced by Liquid Concepts.

“I really enjoyed reading your document. It was just the right balance of friendliness for each target audience, an smoothly includes all the necessary info. The concept is nicely tied in without over doing it. Nice job! I plan to call on your company for future work. Thank you for meeting the demanding terms and doing a wonderful job.”—Siboné Montes, Creative Director, Liquid Concepts

Visual Arts

Figure Sculpture by Arye Shapiro ~
A gallery featuring bronze and ceramic figurative sculpture by an Austin artist. Net Ingenuity delivered information architecture, page design, copywriting and production.

Sculpture Zone ~
This site features the art sculpture of New York-based bronze sculptor Evelyn Floret. It was originally built in 2001 and in 2010 it was rebuilt using WordPress as a Content Management System. It includes many galleries,  subpages, video and blogposts. ~ 75 pages.

“The site is beautiful and I am very happy to have such an alluring venue. Thank you.”—Evelyn Floret