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With over 144 billion emails sent every day, having an email marketing strategy is critical to in order to have your business communication stand out.

Net Ingenuity has worked with several of the leading email marketing vendors including Constant Contact, Vertical Response, iContact, and MailChimp. The latter is our current favorite because it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

You Don’t Need a Big Email Marketing Agency

You can start small and grow big. Every page on your website can contain a form for opting in to your email marketing list.  Opt in email marketing is essential so as to avoid crossing any of the “Can Spam” rules that protect people from receiving unwanted communication from bulk email marketers.

Each company offers targeted email marketing automations allow you to provide timely, relevant information for your subscribers. Trigger welcome emails, provide recommendations based on e-commerce and behavioral data, and personalize your campaigns based on your customers’ interests. Marketing automation software helps you find your audience, engage your customers, and build your brand.

Use email marketing automation to build an audience of people similar to the customers who already love you, or set up ongoing campaigns triggered by an event, activity, or date.

The Best Practices in Email Marketing Strategy

Follow these tips to get the most response from your email campaigns:

Get Permission

Entice visitor to join our email list to either get something for free (like an ebook or a chance to win something) or simply offer a newsletter or product updates. In either case, clue the potential use in about what they will get and how frequently.

Get whitelisted

Avoid being rejected as spam by the major ISPs. To do so, include instructions in your email footer telling the subscriber how to add your email address to their contacts.

Personalize Your Messages Carefully

It used to be that inserting the subscriber’s name after “Dear _____” was always recommended, but now, with identify theft making users wary of anyone who knows too much about them, it may be better to omit the salutation. Instead, if possible, personalize your message based on the user’s purchase history or demographic.

Use Sharp Subject Lines

Be sure that the words you use for the email subject are not only catchy but also the right length. Research at Adestra shows that subject lines 70 characters and more proved to be most beneficial in engaging readers in clicking through to the content, and subject lines 49 characters and fewer tested well with open rate. The dead zone is 60-70 characters.

Timing Matters

Optimal mailing time often depends upon your customers’ behaviors, inbox crowding, and the deployment times of other marketers. If you are doing business to business email marketing, then Tuesday or Weds, 10 am local time is optimum. If you are guiding people to weekend hot spots, Thursday after 8 pm.

Design for Mobile

Last year, 54% of all email opens were on mobile, with desktop dropping fast, according to the email marketing firm Litmus. Make sure your site looks good on mobile: keep it single column, with large, easy-to-read font; follow the iOS guideline of buttons at least 44 x 44 pixels and centered on the screen.

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