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Is your inbox, like mine, filling up with holiday promotional emails? They may be the bane of the season–but if you have a retail website and a pre-existing mailing list and if you aren’t sending out any holiday promotional emails, the grinch will surely get you. If you want your holiday sales season to be merry and bright, you’ll need a solid email marketing plan.

The holidays are just around the corner. Have you started preparing for the end of the year rush? If you haven’t, you need to start now. Ecommerce stores experience a holiday rush just like brick and mortar stores do that usually strikes between December 5th through 15th. If you sell your work online you need to have everything in place long before then if you want to take advantage of this rush. Here’s how to start planning a profitable online holiday promotion.

When it comes to holiday shoppers, you’ll be dealing with both early birds and last-minute shoppers. Plan your promotion to accommodate both types. If you sell physical products, you’ll have to consider the shipping factor. You need to be able to ship early enough to keep the early birds out of holiday postal lines. Then you also have those customers who order the week before Christmas and want it over-nighted.

Lastly, keep your promotion going until at least January 1st to catch the procrastinators that order just before and after the holidays and the ultra-organized people shopping for next year.

As more shoppers make their purchases online, email messaging is expected to have a strong influence on their choices, perhaps accounting for as much as $20 billion in online sales this holiday season, according to estimates from Adobe.

If you don’t already have a list, you can obtain one from Net Ingenuity’s current database of very detailed consumers/businesses at 5 cents a record.

Whether you want to drive online sales, boost year-end donations, or get shoppers into your store this holiday season, holiday email promotions are important because they provide an opportunity for you to express an appreciation of your current clients. It’s much like sending a postal holiday card to a friend. And it is an opportunity to include some sort of promotion. This is how you can compete against other Black Friday discounts. Your competitors will be lowering their prices to offer holiday savings and so should you.

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