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The Social Media Optimization (SMO) revolution has been cited by thousands of blogs and media sources around the world. It began with a 2006 blog post entitled, “5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO).”

That is ancient SMO history in Internet time, but the author of the post updated his 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization list to read in a way that is perfect for today’s market. It is an  SMO approach that Net Ingenuity strives to weave into every website:

Create shareable content – Good content gets shared by countless individuals through their social networks via links, like it, digs  or shares.
Make sharing easy – A one-button solution makes sharing a joy.
Reward engagement – Imagine all the ways to say “Thank you” to those who make comments, discuss, post or share content.
Proactively share content – Proactively share your content, repurpose it in other formats such as PDFs, videos, ebooks, and audio books and submitting them to other sites.
Encourage the mashup – Your goal is for people to take and remix your content by adding their own input and voice has only grown over the past four years.

Following the above advice is guaranteed to deliver to your brain that delightful dopamine high you get when you see how many people liked your site or shared your content.