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See the growing number of websites that are using WordPress around the world and how it compares to other Content Management Systems. Google Trends – Web Search interest – Worldwide, 2004 – present WordPress currently is behind 29% of all websites worldwide. Here are more amusing WordPress statistics that will make your jaw drop–and they are already outdated by a year!

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools available, yet many people don’t know that it is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for more than just blogging. With a WordPress website, you can build a blog, an e-commerce store, a brand identity, or all this and more. It will rank higher on Google than a non-WordPress website, and you won’t be held hostage by your webmaster.

3 Main Reasons to Use WordPress

  1. WordPress allows site owners to easily update and manage their content with a friendly user interface. After building a site for someone, I usually can get them very comfortable working within the WordPress Admin area in just an hour or two of coaching using a shared desktop.
  2. WordPress is particularly well suited for Search Engines Optimization.
  3. There is a large and growing community of WordPress users and WordPress experts. So you never need to feel tied to me or to any webmaster.  Work with Net Ingenuity to experience why you won’t ever want to leave.

But there are plenty of additional reasons you’ll love it. Consider these:

Easy to Use – If you can use Word or any other word processor, you can use WordPress. It’s almost exactly the same when it comes to writing content. The only difference is that you publish it rather than save it to your PC. There are so many advanced features that you will pick up over time, but when it comes to delivering something that everyone can use, WordPress will always get our vote.

Plugins – One of the best features of WordPress is the thousands of easy to install plugins that are available for it. From auto-generating sitemaps right the way through to server balancing tools, there really is a plugin for everything, with the majority of them free to use. Net Ingenuity has the developer versions of many leading premium plugins for use on all our clients’ sites. Use them with ease of mind.

Security – Unlike some other systems, WordPress is updated on a regular basis with most of the updates relating to performance enhancers and minor vulnerabilities, but the major updates are released when and if security holes are found in the system. Any program or system will have issues, but there is plenty that can be done to fortify your website against attack. Net Ingenuity is familiar with these protocols.

Ease of Access – WordPress can be used from any computer that has an Internet connection, which means if you are on holiday or on business travel, you can update your website. Do it even from the train on your mobile broadband.

Multiple User Access – WordPress offers different levels of user access, from the Administrator who can control everything through to the subscriber level, which only allows people to view the posts and keep up to date with your latest offerings. This means that your company can assign different access levels to make sure only the correct people are working on the site, and only on the part of it to which they sh0uod be allowed access.

Expanding Resource – WordPress continues to get bigger and bigger and this is only a good for thing for website owners that use it, because with new versions come new features, new ideas and new ways to improve your website in the future. Every major update so far has contained some cracking new things, from widgets to slugs.

Care and Feeding

Having a WordPress site is not unlike having a pet. It requires regular attention and updating. The software developers are in a continuous battle to make their applications secure against viruses and malware and to remain compatible with all the other plugins. So there are very frequent updates. It is most important to keep the WordPress software and plugins up to date. That involves making a complete backup of the site to the cloud and doing the updates. We do updates for clients on a regular basis, at least weekly and often daily.

Work with Net Ingenuity to put WordPress to work for you.